Prove that a dive watch can be fun & functional with the CITIZEN® ISO-certified Promaster Professional Diver. With Eco-Drive technology, it is powered by light and never needs a battery, so you’ll never need to open your caseback or compromise your dive again. Featured with stainless steel case, dark blue polyurethane strap and dark blue dial. With aluminum ring on bezel, one-way rotating elapsed time and WR200.

As divers watches go this one feels like it’s a bona fide, does what it says on the tin, no nonsense. There’s copious divers style watches at this price point, and quite a lots of them are just diver ‘style’ watches. Usually gold, maybe a jubilee strap, definitely an elapsed time bezel, but most of those won’t see any thing near to water sports. Maybe you can, but probably you wont. I liken it to a BMW X5 in car terms, it looks like a 4×4 but really you won’t go ‘offroad’ and who know even if it’s capable? If you are going to do any meaningfully tough stuff you get an old beat up land rover, reliable if maintained, doesn’t matter if you bash it up, really designed for it and appropriate.

In the same way this Citizen is appropriate for it’s designed application – it’s not FANCY, no sir by no means, but it is right for the job. With an eye for the purpose and not the aesthetics, lets look over some of the design details. Polyurethane strap, unquestionably waterproof and durable. Flexible yet strong and grippy when wet or dry. A well designed buckle is a very sensible choice and is a well proven fastener and reliable method of securing your strap, not trying to reinvent the wheel here!

The face absorbs light (natural or artificial), converts it to energy and you need never by a battery again, practical and cost efficient. You also never compromise your water resistance changing a battery. The theme is bold features, with massive hands and well defined hour markers. The date window is small but you don’t often need to know that while underwater. The lume is strong and the bezel has deep grooves for maximum grip, if your hands are say, wet or gloved (like a diver?!).

From a design point of view the form follows function, which will please those who don’t enjoy the fripperies of contemporary fashion watches.

From the other side, aesthetically, it’s a bit of a bulbous, plain lump. Polyurethane has never been popular in fashion, unless you are into that kind of thing, and it’s a bit like Velcro shoes, a bit special needs. It is however cool in the same way brutalist architecture is cool, its unwieldy and unnatural appearance appeals to those who like things out of the norm. I would accentuate that look, if you’re gonna be weird you should be confident about it, stick it on a Navy Isofrane or blue with orange accents nato strap. There was one trend I noticed which actually made it look nice, Milanese. Look it up, kinda suits it doesn’t it?

Other than my reticence with regards to the looks, the quality and the feel nicely surprised me. It’s hard to find a watch that feels like the value placed on it, especially at this price range. The Citizen BN0151-09L feels like you got a good deal at the price, it feels like it will last a long time and importantly, it will put up with all the bull that a regular person will put it through in one life time.

Movement Eco-Drive E168
Functions 3 Hand
Band Blue polyurethane Strap, Strap and Buckle
Case Size 42mm
Case Material Silver Tone Stainless Steel, One-Way Rotating Elapsed-Time Bezel
Crystal Anti-Reflective Coated Mineral Crystal
Water Resistance 200M/ 20Bar / Scuba Diving

Initially, from the picture on the internet, I was convinced that it would be an ugly watch. But after a couple of days in real life it grew on me. I mean it’s not pretty in a classical sense but it is nice. The poly strap is becoming more fashionable, despite my protestation, so it’s got that going for it.



Some people like polyurethane but looks great on other straps for those who don’t.

Bold looks.

Really solid feel and well built.

Survived my puddle test.



Bit of an ugly ducking in a polyurethane dress.

Small date window.

Tough competition.


The price is RRP £189

I paid £149 on amazon.