The Armani name this AR2448 watch carries may have become synonymous with high-fashion, but they are a relatively unknown entity in the context of watches. Indeed, at least within the darker edges of watch communities, you’ll find those who will turn their nose up at any fashion house venturing into horology.

And quite rightly, what to expect isn’t precision engineering as such, whilst it would be welcome. The expectation from a prestigious fashion house is a current, good looking, and functional watch. Bonus points are awarded for accuracy, quality, and additional oozing of style, where applicable.

The Luxurious Packaging Of This AR2448

Opening and unboxing the Armani AR2448 is clearly designed to give the impression of quality and exclusivity. Padded boxes, dark colours, and the Emporio Armani logo all build anticipation as one progresses through the layers of packaging to finally reveal the actual AR2448 in its flesh.

AR2448 package

This is the only stage where you’ll see a watch as family, friends, and passing strangers will: For the first time, without getting used to it, and without getting to know its nuances.

These first impressions, for me, are good. The light catches the concentric circles of the deep blue face well, demanding attention and following the eye as you change the angle at which you are looking at it from.

The Face, Hands, And Mineral Crystal Window

The sword hands and baton markers are finished in reflective chrome, which makes for easy reading against the classic blue background. Alas, this is only the case in lit environments, with not even a hint of luminosity being found on the face. As a fashion watch, perhaps the lume’s green colour was omitted as it doesn’t complement the blue face?

Armani AR2448 classic blue face on car dash

These details are set behind domed mineral glass, which is considered a mid-range option being behind the significantly more expensive sapphire glass – found on the likes of the Omega Seamaster 300m.

This window is fairly clear, although not particularly resistant to reflections. My opinion is that it’s got an anti-reflective coating on one side, whereas some will feature it on both for enhanced clarity. My opinion, rather than fact, because details on this and the movement are scarce.

Armani AR2448 window glass on dash

Surrounding the AR2448’s face is a chromed bezel, fading into the 11mm thick case with a 44mm diameter. I think this is the peak of this Armani watch; the substantial looking & feeling case and face.

The Armani’s Movement And Chronograph Function

Internally, this is powered by a Japanese Quartz unit, keeping fairly average time for a quartz watch at this price point. The chronograph function is easy to use and is accompanied by assertive moments, much like the assertive whacking tick of the second hand.

AR2448 movement second hand

Features include a date window, and chronograph functionality. The buttons to operate the chronograph feel a little spongy, but it all works admirably and certainly does the job of timing an event up to 24hrs. It’s possible that the spongy nature of the buttons is due to sealing techniques used to make it waterproof down to 50m.

The AR2448 battery life has been raised as an issue by some, but should be a straightforward replacement as with most quartz watches.

The AR2448’s Stainless Steel Bracelet

Back out to the exterior, the Armani’s 22mm strap is next on the agenda. It comes with a resizable bracelet, with an invisible “double locking” deployment to create a completely seamless and contemporary profile without any visible buckle or clasp.

Armani AR2448 face by classic Mercedes dials again

Resizing is done by removing the appropriate spring-loaded pin, taking out those links, and fastening it back up again.

I’d personally recommend choosing a resizing tool considering the price they can be had for, although careful fettling with a pin or – as I prefer – an iPhone sim tool will work just as well in most cases.

I’ll admit, the AR2448 bracelet isn’t its best feature. It does carry an enjoyable weight, and looks good with the combination of chromed and brushed stainless steel. However, I found it to be below the standard I’d expect from a watch that prides itself in its label, with several creaking sounds. It is entirely possible this stainless steel bracelet requires “worn in”, where these problems will fade away.

And before any naysayers angrily reply, I am sure beyond all doubt that this watch isn’t one of the numerous fake AR2448 watches on the market.

Daily Life With This Armani Watch

To live with, it’s certainly a useable watch in day-to-day life and does grab attention. I didn’t take the pictures in the most inspiring of light, but still the variety of finishes on the face caught the light handsomely.

Armani AR2448 in Classic Mercedes Picture

This watch’s weight is appealing to me. Weighty enough to have presence, but not enough to make it a chore to wear. There are no sharp edges to catch you throughout the day, and being Quartz there’s no need to worry about winding or moving.

Overall, the classic blue Emporio Armani AR2448 is an attractive watch that can be comfortably worn as a daily. The strong stainless steel construction and 50m water resistance lends this Armani watch to be worn everywhere, from restaurants to the gym.

Pricing varies widely, from the £300 mark at Goldsmiths, right down to Amazon’s £115.


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