Designed with the aspirational man in mind, our Lexington watch brings sleek and streamlined to a whole new level. The beveled gold-tone stainless steel bezel and bracelet strap provide tactile texture, while the date function and chronograph dials complete a dynamic piece. Whether you’re wearing it en route to a business meeting or boarding a flight to the Maldives, the effect is refined for all manner of occasions.


noun. ˈlɛksɪŋtən – a made up sort of word that kinda feels like the style we are trying to portray.

Michael Kors Lexington

I didn’t really know much about MK (Micheal Kors) until a few years ago (2010 maybe? However Wikipedia says his brand has been going since 1981) when family members requested MK handbags and then following years other MK products. Popular and repeat purchases, must be good stuff no? So when I seen his watches very close to the top of most searched for, well maybe we got some thing special here?

Michael Kors mens watch

It arrived in a box I would expect, kinda bland really, dark brown with Micheal Kors stamped on the front. Brown suede interior, nothing special but good quality. Little booklet in the case with instructions and warranty (2 years) as you’d expect. I must mention I ordered this one from asos and the delivery was slow. I shouldn’t have to sign up to your special paid program to get quick delivery, people just expect it.

Michael Kors MK8281 Lexington bottle

The face is a nice brushed goldish-pearlecent type deal, which is attractive in the right light but lacked the high-end luster that I think they were trying to achieve. The large Roman numeral is rather oversized which is the fashion; the hour markers are however clear delineators, which is useful. The minute registers are graduated in 30 segments. If the wearer wants to measure a longer period of time than the subdial permits, say 45 minutes, he adds the time recorded on the minute register’s first revolution, 30 minutes, to the time that has elapsed on its second revolution, 15 minutes. The reason most counter only go up to 30 minutes is that they are small. If they were marked in 60 increments, a full hour, they would be difficult to read. The face overall has a bold and masculine style which is rather well put together compared to others in the price range.

Michael Kors MK8281 Lexington Crate

Bracelet was a somewhat loose jubilee style, which is rather comfortable and perfect if you desire a degree of flexibility. It’s a mixture of brushed and shiny gold, which is rather unground breaking but fits with the classic style they are trying to replicate.

Michael Kors MK8281 Lexington Face

Although not much to look at, the push clasp was surprisingly good quality, robust and affirmative. The bezel is very eye catching with large ridges echoing that style that they are trying to capture.

It’s described as an oversized watch but I didn’t find it too large on the wrist and unless they had stated that I wouldn’t have thought it. They also claim its water resistant to 10atm (atmospheres) or 100meters if you like. Which means it’s technically suitable for recreational surfing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing and water sports but you’ll just look silly doing it. I don’t think this is one for the modders so we wont go into that. But it lends its self to being a start of a collection or as a watch you might give as a gift as its firmly in the gift price bracket.

Michael Kors MK8281

Would make a presentable gift for a watch novice as its rather nice looking if you are only into the aesthetics. I think it would wow most people, but watch geeks aren’t going to be impressed – filthy, fashion watch wearing, casual.

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